37 Days UNTIL Hong Kong.

But who is counting?

Do you ever feel like you set yourself to autopilot when you are truly looking forward to going somewhere or doing something super exciting and awesome?

I am definitely feeling that way today. I feel like I would do ANYTHING right now for me to wake up and it be plane boarding day! and before you know it there you are ticket in hand and boarding the plane feeling as if the time didn’t take very long at all!

I sometimes think to myself at that point of realising how quick the time went, if I put enough effort into my everyday life seeing as though I was just on “autopilot” through my jobs, just getting everyday done and dusted, so the next one could come quicker!

Does anyone else ever feel this way when they have something they are look forward to planned?

I thought I would jot down my random thoughts for the day.


Leopard Monday

Screenshot 2014-06-30 11.09.13

Today I was feeling a little “out there” and a little “wild” after my weekend antics and purple hair change!

I decided to put an outfit together in all black, with the pop statement of my leopard heels courtesy of Famous Footwear!!

I wore a black crepe fabric top from Minkpink and a corporate high waisted Tokito skirt!

I accessorised with one simple statement necklace from Lovisa!

I love the look and feel the leopard gives contrasted with my purple hair!

It is always fun to show a little personality with your corporate styling!


Deep Thoughts & Changes to my Channel!

Today I decided that I am going to take on a challenge (in my own mind) and make changes to my channel, so that my channel is 100% me…every tiny little piece of it…It’s not that it wasn’t ever before, but I was focusing a lot on other people and what sort of videos and reviews they would like and it was making more stressed out than enjoying it!

But from today on, everything on my channel I am doing for myself, because I love making videos, I love fashion and makeup in my own weird little way. So, hopefully people will like that and not because I go on about a 1000 products more than 1000 people have also reviewed on Youtube or because I am the “best” makeup artist in the world!

My channel is a view into my own world and if you want to be apart of that then continue joining me on my own path!


Appreciation Post – Paul Rudd


So today I am sitting here thinking about all the hilarious things Paul Rudd has said/been asked to say in thousands of movies that most of you probably won’t even know Paul Rudd was ever in!

He would have to be up there with the top guys who have been in the most movies since the 90s! Seriously! The only thing is, you have never even noticed, because he is always the side guy!

It’s only when you look back on old movies that you used to love and there you are saying to yourself “Hey! Paul Rudd is in this movie” that you realise he is also in 50+ other movies that you have watched time and time again!

If it isn’t for his sweet & charming looks then it’s his hilarious humour and well written jokes that pull you in!

I thought an appreciation post was most definitely in order for one of my most FAVE actors! If not to open your eyes to his amazingness, then to bond with the majority of the rest of you who..like me…think that Paul Rudd is the most hilarious kind guy ever!

It’s almost like my feelings for him snuck up on me ever since the early 90s!

Jobens! (reference from I Love You, Man – if you have not seen it – watch it now)